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emPOWERing your Mind, Body and Spirit ~ The POWER logo is a design that came to me via Divine inspiration, and represents what one can achieve in life. When one starts with a Positive and Open mindset, action steps become apparent which sets you on the path to the desired outcome of Wellness. As a consequence, one experiences Empowerment and Rewards, thus increasing the state of maintaining a Positive and Open mindset. And the cycle of Power, Healing, and Wellness continues! The sunflower is a symbol of my gratitude to my mom for the healing gift that I have inherited from her (Sunflowers were her favorite). Not sure how to become emPOWERed? I can help!

~ Offering Reiki Practitioner Certification courses, Healing Energy Circles, Workshops, and Private Healing Sessions ~

Private, individual 60 minute healing sessions can be Reiki, Law Of Attraction, Qigong, or Yoga.  

A client may also select two services for a combined 90 minute healing session.

Receive Reiki and Guidance on your Life’s Path ~ Relax and Heal your Mind, Body and Spirit

Learn and Apply the Principles of the Law if Attraction ~ Align your Mindset, Emotions and Footsteps

Practice Qigong Gentle Body Movement, Breath, Self-Massage ~ Increase your Healing, Vitality, and Stamina

Practice Yoga – Learn to apply the principles of Ashtanga Yoga to quiet the mind and heal your Self

All individual sessions available in Judy’s practice in Centereach, NY.
To schedule your individual healing session or attend a class,
contact Judy Stern at 516-521-9501 or judy@powerhealingwellness.com