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The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words, “Rei” meaning “God’s wisdom” or “the Higher Power” and “Ki” meaning “life force energy”. Reiki can be defined as “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy”. The Reiki healing system taught in this practice is Usui/Tibetan Reiki, curriculum by the International Center for Reiki Training

Reiki is an ancient and gentle technique of stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki works by balancing energy within and around the body’s Aura, Meridians, Chakras.  Blockages can lead to maladies including physical symptoms of pain and illness, emotional issues, and mental stresses; when a person’s energy flows freely, a person feels happier and healthier, experiences a state of overall well-being, and achieves emPOWERment.  

A Reiki practitioner uses hands to guide Reiki healing energy into and around the client to clear the body and remove blockages. Reiki effectively treats any illnesses, physical conditions, emotional struggles and mental issues in order to bring you relief, relaxation and healing, leading to a more emPOWERed Mind, Body and Spirit. Reiki is a complimentary treatment that works along with any treatment plan you are currently on.

In a session, you will be seated comfortably in a chair for a Healing Attunement and Aura Clearing (powerful and advanced Reiki healing), and then proceed to lay on a massage table to continue to receive Reiki energy and Chakra balancing. You remain fully clothed during the healing session. Guided meditation included in the session at your request or as I am guided. 

After you have received Reiki, results and findings from the energy work, as well as life-path guidance, will be discussed. We will write powerful affirmations that lead to manifestation. I will write down findings from session and recommendations for next steps, and give you this written summary.

If a client cannot make a session in person, client can opt to receive a distance healing session for 30 minutes. Date/Time at mutual convenience.


A basic Law of Attraction principle is that “like attracts like”. This Law has been described as a key to unlocking one’s full potential in life. Positive thoughts are a great start; when followed by positive emotions that are connected to those positive thoughts, and then followed by action steps, one can attract and attain positive outcomes. I have completed the practitioner certification program by Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones with the Law of Attraction Network.

In a session, you learn to effectively apply attraction principles, stay in a higher vibration, and manifest life goals. We will discuss potential obstacles, and discuss ways to overcome these to continue on the path to manifestation. This leads you to achieving balance and emPOWERing Mind, Body and Spirit. Guided meditation included in the session upon request. We will write affirmations using POWER words, which lead the you to meeting long term and short term goals.

I would be honored to help you harness the power of this Law to help you transform your life. 


QIGONG and TAI CHI are Chinese Medicine practices of Mind-Body Energetics that cultivates Life Force QI (pronounced chee). These ancient and gentle “Moving Meditation” practices, appropriate for any age and fitness level, focus on how to allow your Qi to flow more freely throughout the body via your Meridians (energy channels or pathways in the body) and through your Dantian (Qi Focus Flow Centers, or Energy Centers) in order to alleviate dis-ease and increase vitality, longevity, and overall wellness. The styles offered in this practice are: Integral Tai Chi, simplified Tai Chi based on the Four Major recognized styles of Tai Chi (Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao); Bu Zheng Qigong, a Vitality Enhancement Method comprised of the Four Baskets of Practice: Meditation, Breath Work, Self-Massage, and Gentle Movement; certification obtained from Roger Jahnke, OMD, Director of the Institute of Integral Qigong and TaiChi; and Medical Qigong hands-on healing, certification obtained by Tina Zhang, PhD.

YOGA is the science of union of body and mind (the Sanskrit word yoga means “union” or “connection”). In yoga practice, students learn to experience sheer joy, pure bliss and increased overall wellness as they go within and become more in touch with one’s true self and self-healing ability. 200 Hours YTT Certification was obtained from Angela Strynkowski, E-RYT 500. I use principles of Ashtanga Yoga (8 limb path) with a focus on Hatha Yoga (holding the asana poses for a few breaths in each pose) with cues on breath work (pranayama) and where to focus your gaze (drishti), in order to guide you in forging your mind-body connection, increasing flexibility and stamina, and improving your overall health.

Relaxation Qi-Yoga – I offer a combination of ancient self-healing movement practices, to help you relax the mind and body; boost your own immune system; increase longevity, vitality and energy levels; and allow your blood, oxygen, and energy to flow freely so that you are happy, healthy and healed. In a private session, you experience a fusion of Hatha Yoga together with the principles of Bu Zheng Qigong and Integral Tai Chi to connect The Three Treasures (Posture, Breath, Mind), unlocking and effectively using your own ability to heal yourself. You will be led in a lovely, gentle healing practice of Guided Meditation, Breath Work, Gentle Movement Flows, and Self-Massage. This type of session is ideal for a person of any age and fitness level, looking for a gentle movement practice that they can do themselves on their own time in order to maintain optimal health. (also see EVENTS tab for classes) In addition to a private session, a client may opt to host a small group class at their location; contact Judy Stern for details at 

***For a wonderful, informative article on the benefits of Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga practice, click here

Hands-On Medical Qigong also available, where I will apply light hands-on treatment to acupressure points in order to ease tensions and pain, alleviate maladies, and restore healthy flow of Qi. Client will lay on a treatment table, fully clothed. The Chinese believe that maladies and disease are caused by deficient or stagnant Qi, and that problems in the body relate back to the organs; so when there is a problem with the organ, treat the channel. Light pressure on key acupressure points along meridian channels releases stagnation of vital life force and leads to healing and better health due to an increased and  free flow of Qi. This is an ideal treatment for someone who wishes to passively receive a healing treatment while the practitioner does the work, and does not mind use of touch. 



Distance Reiki: 30 minutes for $35 for those clients who wish to receive Reiki that are at a far distance from Judy’s home in Centereach NY (ex. in other states, or in countries outside the US). Client must prepay.

~ Reiki or Medical Qigong: 75 Minutes for $75

~ Law of Attraction: 75 Minutes for $108

Combined Sessions  

~ Relaxation Qi-Yoga:  75 minutes for $80;  90 minutes for $90

Reiki with Law of Attraction: 90 Minutes for $177

A complimentary cup of organic tea by Gaia’s Essence offered in every session, and Chakra Oils by Pandora’s Products available for use.

Ask about Teas & Spices, Chakra Oils, and Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements for purchase, to enhance your own healing!

Healing Energy Circles

The Healing Energy Circles will help participants achieve relaxation, balance and emPOWERment for Mind, Body, and Spirit, in a safe and sacred space. Participants enjoy guided meditations and a Reiki mini-session. Chakra Books and Decks will be available for use. We will then have an open discussion about experiences. 

Practitioners welcome! Anyone new to receiving Reiki is welcome!

Organic Tea by Gaia’s Essence, and a light healthy snack, will be served. Chakra Oils by Pandora’s Products will be available for use. Ask about these and Ayurvedic supplements for purchase!

Healing Energy Circles will be held periodically in Judy Stern’s home. Please see EVENTS tab on this site for upcoming Circles.

Exchange is By Donation.

Individuals may opt to host a Healing Energy Circle. Host receives a complimentry Reiki session after the event date; Portion of proceeds may go to a charity of host’s choice. To schedule and host a Healing Energy Circle, contact Judy Stern at 516-521-9501 or

Workshops and Classes

Manifestation Circle – teaching you how to effectively use the Law of Attraction. Principles of the Law of Attraction will be explored, and the group will be led in an activity designed to write long term and short term goals that effectively manifest.

Relaxation Qi-Yoga Class – this class is for people looking for an energetic yet gentle way to use movement, breath, meditation and self-massage to go within, and experience relaxation and healing while receiving individualized attention. This class combines principles of Hatha Yoga, Bu Zheng Qigong, and Integral Tai Chi for a wonderful Mind-Body practice (descriptions of each discipline are above). Class will be held at varied locations, contact Judy Stern to book a class/class series.

What is Qi? – In this workshop a simple explanation of Chinese Medicine theories and practice will be offered including understanding Qigong and Tai Chi, Dantians, Yin and Yang, and The Three Treasures. Class will be led in a short practice of meditation, movement, self-massage and breath.

For Full Workshop/Class Descriptions, Locations and Dates, and Exchange, please see EVENTS tab on this site.

Reiki Practitioner Certification Courses

Reiki I and II Certification Course:

The Usui Reiki I and II Certification course is open to anyone looking to deepen and enhance one’s own Personal and/or Professional Healing and Wellness practice. Reiki works in conjunction with any medical and wellness programs. Students and Teachers who wish to review, who have taken Reiki classes with other Masters, are also welcome. Curriculum is by the International Center for Reiki Training. The course instructor, Judy Stern, is an experienced Reiki Master Teacher, and Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association.

In this course, individuals will learn the history of Reiki and its many uses.  Students will learn how to conduct a thorough and complete session of themselves and others. Students will be attuned to three Reiki symbols and learn how to effectively use them. Class includes plenty of practice time. Students will learn how to establish and maintain a successful practice, and will receive ongoing mentorship. For Tuition Rates and Course Outline, see REIKI CERTIFICATION tab on this site. Next Class: TBD 11am to 5pm on both dates.

Reiki III ART/Master Certification Course:

Usui/Tibetan Reiki III ART/Master course series is for those individuals looking to further their wellness/spiritual self-practice or professional practice by learning and utilizing advanced Reiki symbols and methods for healing.  Students and teachers who have taken USUI Reiki I & II classes with other Masters are welcome. 

The Level III ART section of the course prepares the practitioner to use powerful healing meditations. Students will learn to an advanced healing technique, Aura Clearing. Students will be taught how to set up and use a Reiki Grid for healing and for manifestation of goals. Each Level III student will be attuned with the Usui Master symbol.  Students will learn about how to effectively host a Reiki Circle and run a successful practice.

In the Master Level class, each Reiki Master Practitioner learns how to effectively use all six Usui/Tibetan Reiki symbols, with Reiki Master Teacher supervision and guidance.  Each Master student will be attuned to two Tibetan healing symbols.  The student is mentored on how to properly administer the Reiki attunements for healing and for attuning a student as a Reiki Practitioner at each level, effectively use advanced healing techniques, and effectively administer a powerful Three Step healing session. Students will also learn to administer a Distance Healing Attunement. Each Reiki Master student will sit in on one Level I & II class and a Level III and present a topic in class. Students will learn to effectively teach the components of each Reiki class, including: history of Reiki, Reiki symbols, uses for Reiki, how to conduct a complete and thorough session on self and others, Reiki Precepts, advanced healing techniques, Three Pillars of Reiki, etc. We will discuss how to open and maintain a successful practice.

For full course outline and tuition rates, please see REIKI CERTIFICATION tab on this website.

Call Judy Stern at 516-521-9501 to Register